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IPTV/OTT Smart desktop solution-EPG

Shadow- IPTV/OTT Smart desktop solution,Adopts the new generationEPGTechnical system,Based on the mixed build business form,Including:ComponentizationEPGMode、C/SMode、B/S(H5)Mode,Provide the technology stackLauncher/EPGBusiness support ability,Provide no perception iteration services to end users,Improve the end user front-end business interaction and experience。

Chengdu shadow technology co., LTD-Intelligence is recommended
Chengdu shadow technology co., LTD-More screen interaction

More screen interaction

IPTV/OTT More screen interactive solution

Shadow-IPTV/OTTMore screen interactive solution,A virtual remote control、Unified terminal data、Interactive screen、Through various channels、Business training, etc,Based on the mobile end(Android/iOS)WeChat public、Small program、A mobile phoneAPP, etc,Now network implementation operatorsTVEnd、STBThe solid interaction,Business services for all operators to provide terminal interaction。


Based on the edge nodes5GCloud computing services

Shadow of science and technology5GGreat video cloud solutions,Focus on the application and business,Assist operators from pure pipe providers to pipeline、The data、The content of integration,For operators to reverse the trend of pipelining in the future、High performance network business value fill。

Chengdu shadow technology co., LTD-5GEra