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  Conghua tianyu paper pulp molding products co., LTD. Was established in twoOOFor a year,Located in guangzhou"Guangzhou garden"Of conghua。Covering an area of about forty thousand m2 lu,Is currently in south China is one of large scale environmental protection packaging enterprises。
  The company in line with protect earth's environment、The benefit of future generations of environmental protection concept,Over the years committed to the development and application of molded pulp products promotion,Set mold design、Development and production in a body,For many famous enterprises in the province〔Including home appliances、Shoe industry、Toys、The wine industry、Egg industry and other industries〕Development design and production of all kinds of beautiful and practical environmental protection the inner packing products。
  The company used advanced technology,Through scientific management,Greatly reduce the production cost。Our products… Learn more about»