The three groups,Inheriting classic cao halide secret recipe,Based on the health and nutrition,Professional build green products,For the majority of diners real health nutrition characteristics of cooked food,Is a nutritional health of Cenozoic catering group。
The three groups operating in the market for many years,Accumulate good reputation,Set up the high-end corporate image,Braised food is cooked food brand cooperation strength,Collect food and beverage management、Research and development of technology projects、Secret base processing franchise chain enterprises。
The three groups with professional brand,With excellent quality,Shape the health keeping professional brand image,Stands in the industry,To lead a new trend for food to get rich,Is catering entrepreneurs rely on the strength of the brand!
Continued ascension based brand value,Since the start-up business,The development cooperation stores all over the country。By word of mouth is better all of customers from all over the country and the social people from all walks of life's praise。
Headquarters inheritance authentic craft,Constantly,Professional fade out training headquarters,Adhering to the customer value oriented,Wholeheartedly for customer service purpose,Learn the real let every customer,Professional technical benefit!
The three group headquarters gathering a group of experienced、Skilled professional and technical team,To provide partners with the opening of the guide,Bring you sweet consulting services,Stagnation point support,Hand in hand to cooperate, to develop entrepreneurship!
On the basis of inheriting the traditional Fried dumpling production process,Absorbing modern nutrition theory and modern craft,Carefully research and development、Eclecticism,After a secret deployment,Developed the unique taste and is in line with the modern diet delicious Fried dumpling,A very popular place。
Small hot paste soup is speck snacks,It have a very fine cooked,Great taste、Economical and practical、Convenient to the masses、Famous city township。In the old city,Now all over streets。There is a gluten、Kelp silk、Fans、 Thousand silk、Peanuts、Parsley、Ginger、Pickle、Pepper, etc。
Sand soup is spread in the folk a snack,Originated in anhui Montreal。Soup or chicken stewed with a bone,The soup should be slightly, juice,Soup taste sweet。A raw eggs into the bowl,With boiling broth,Rushed into the egg,In sa The sesame oil、Black pepper,A bowl of delicious Fried small sand soup is made。
Fried small a variety,The price is cheap,Taste is also very good,Is to the taste of student age classes,Students often go to eat after class with my friends;Convenient and save time,And delicious。
Young couples or friends often go to eat raw Fried,Is have a small steamed stuffed bun,The taste is not inferior the steamed stuffed bun,Hun vegetable collocation completely according to customers' own preferences;Have a heart。
Have become very convenient and quick,Don't have time to cook,Like to eat raw Fried middle-aged consumer groups,Convenient and delicious!It is easy to fry for one or two people to eat raw,Have also have a spicy taste、Delicate taste。
The material with special secret frontal bone soup materials,Big bone carefully made using fine,Contains rich collagen protein and high calcium。All ingredients on strictly,Gold is tie-in,A bite,Oil and water wang wang,Delicious not greasy。
Fried small armour demonstrated only select fresh pork slaughterhouses kill now,Choose lean and fatty pork,Head squeezing rapeseed oil,Than the market not only tunnel is the commonly used three rapeseed incense,Also more health。
Fried dumpling skin thin skin thin、Bottom golden crispy,QToughness is very filling。Stuffing meat plump、Sweet and not be bored with soup,Pure is thick、The liquor。
Business department:Take customer to visit the company,Sample product。
Design department:Decorate a unified style,Publicity materials。
Training department:The core technology in teaching、Special knowledge。
The Marketing Department:Equipment and material package,To ensure the product quality
Operations:Open a shop set the whole auxiliary to open a shop。
Planning department:The promotion and comprehensive event planning。
The supervision department:The supervision of the door,Correct solutions are given。
Customer money no money are good this mouth,Eat up。In the workplace、The construction site、Students also need, etc。
The market、Super、And to the communityiTo open a shop,5m2Start small,Capital pressure is small。
From the preparation、Late training to the operation and management、Marketing,The whole close guidance,Easily。
He has no experience will not be afraid,From a technical training location to decorate、Trial production preparations for the opening,In a short period of time to complete。
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